Sl No Name of Lab
1 Fundamentals of nursing
2 Advanced clinical Lab
3 Anatomy Lab
4 Nutrition Lab
5 Child Health Nursing Lab
6 Obstetrical & Gynecological Nursing Lab
7 Community Health Nursing Lab
8 Mental Health Nursing Lab
9 Research Lab
10 Computer Lab

    Lab policy
  • Student should attend the lab with their lab coat
  • Student should practice inside the lab only under the supervision of the teacher
  • Students should handle the lab instruments and equipments carefully
  • Students should maintain the lab clean and neat
  • Students should maintain discipline and silence at all time inside the lab.

  • Lab Article issue policy
  • Articles are issued only after entering the details in the issue register.
  • The borrower is responsible to return the article on the due date
  • Articles are issued only by the lab incharges
  • Articles are to be returned only to the person issued or to the concerned person in his or her absence with permission
  • Articles need to be replaced with in 2 days after the period of use
  • Any damage or loss is considered as negligence from the borrower and must replace the damaged item with new item.
  • Replace the damaged or missed article with the same new one and strictly not in terms of money.
  • Submit the return request at least 2 days prior to the date of intended use.
  • No due clearance certificate will not be issued to the concerned batch of students, without replacing missed or damaged article.