PTA Executives:

  1. Chairperson: Dr. Assuma Beevi.T.M, Principal
  2. Vice principal: Dr. Sheeja C.V
  3. PTA President: Mr. K.M Babu (F /O Ms.Anit Babu, III BSc (N))
  4. PTA secretary: Ms. Shine Thomas
  5. Mr.A.J Johnson (F/o Ms. Sneha Johnson, IV BSc(N))
  6. Ms. Yamuna Muraleedharan (M/O Ms. Keerthi Muraleedharan, IV BSc (N))
  7. Ms. Lissy Chackochan (M/O Ms. Sheethal Chacko, III BSc (N))
  8. Mr.Biju Augustine (F /O Ms. Amalda Biju, II BSc (N))
  9. Ms. Sheeja Bhai (M /O Ms. Dilsha T.P, II BSc (N))
  10. Mr.Antony (F/O Ms. Milena Antony, I BSc (N))
  11. Ms.Shiny (M/O Ms.Alfy Benny, I BSc (N))


  1. Name: The Name of the association shall be parent –Teachers Association, MIMS College of Nursing, Puthukode, Malappuram
  2. Office: The Office of the association shall be situated at MIMS College of Nursing, Puthukode hereafter referred as College.
  3. Location: MIMS College of Nursing, Vadakkedathparamba, Puthukode (PO), Mallpuram-673633.
  4. Objectives: The Objectives of the association shall be
    • To foster and promote good understanding and Co-Operation among members of teaching staff, students and parents/guardians of students of the college.
    • To cultivate keen interest in the working and progress of the college.
    • To encourage all guardians of the students of the college Co-Operate effectively and actively with the college authorities in maintaining discipline and high standard of learning and conduct among the students.
    • To design suitable ways and means to prevent students unrest and to assist and co-operate with college authorities in running the college smoothly during times of stress if any.
    • To represent before the authorities or before management regarding equipping, staffing or improving the college.
    • To discuss ,decide and implement ways and means to raise funds to support the college if needed.
    • To make any additions, alternations or amendment to these rules for the better smooth and effective working of the association.
  5. Membership:
    • The guardians of all students of the college while the student is on the roll are eligible to be the members of the association.
    • All full time teachers of the college shall be the members of the association with the enrolled members.
    • The guardians of the students of the college are expected to join the association and they shall be required to fill in a membership form at the time of admission of this ward to a course of study in the college. Membership fee Rs .1000/-
    • All guardian members of the association shall pay an annual subscription of Rs100-(One hundred) to the association. The first annual subscription is payable an admission of his ward to the college and subsequently on the commencement of each academic year.
  6. He shall keep all records regarding the proceedings of the executive committee and of the general body meeting.
  7. He shall have power to incur such item of contingent expenditures as may be deemed necessary by the committee for the performance of its duties for which she shall be provided with a permanent advance not exceeding Rs100/- at a time and render an amount of expenditure incurred supported by proper vouchers to the treasurer and get the amount reimbursed as and when necessary.
  8. He/ She shall perform all functions assigned to her from time to time by the executive committee or by the president.
  9. Joint Secretary-Cum- Treasurer
    • The Joint secretary shall assist the secretary in all her functions and shall attend to the duties of the secretary in case the secretary is absent or until a new secretary is elected .
    • Treasurer shall be the sole custodian of all the cash properties, account books, receipt books vouchers, pass book etc. of the association.
    • He /She shall jointly with the secretary operate the bank accounts and deposits that may be opened in a bank or banks as may be approved by the executive committee.
    • He /She shall maintain proper records and account books in respect of all payments and receipts on behalf of the association and produce them for approval of the executive committee as its ordinary meetings.
    • He/ She shall get the annual account audited and place the audited account before the executive committee at the general body. Internal auditing will be done by two members (One parent representative and other one form among teachers)
    • The cash in hand with the treasurer shall not exceed Rs1000/- or as fixed by the executive committee from time to time. The balance shall be remitted to the bank on the next working day.
    • Executive committee shall meet once in every two months and as and when necessary.
    • The quorum of a meeting of the executive committee shall be one third of the committee. The decision by a majority of votes shall prevail in disposing of matters considered at the meeting and incase of equality of votes the chairman of the meeting shall have a casting vote.
  10. General body:
    1. The general body shall meet at least once a year.
    2. The quorum of every meetings of the general body shall be one fifth of the total members.
    3. The general body shall
      1. Receive from the executive committee a report on the working of the association and audited account for the preceding year.
      2. Elect the executive committee for ensuring year.
      3. Appoint auditors.
      4. Consider any other business brought before it by the executive committee or members.
      5. Seven days notice shall ordinary be given to the members for meeting of the general body. But emergency meetings may be called at shorter notice.
      6. No quorum shall be necessary to adjourn a meeting if sufficient member do not attend within 30 Minutes of the fixed time for the meeting
      7. A special meeting of the general body shall be summoned on written requisition for such a meeting by at least 5 members and at such a meeting the subject for consideration shall be only that indicated in the request of the members. I case the president does not call a special meeting within 30 days of the receipt of the requisition to convene such a meeting the secretary shall have the powers to do so.
  11. General:
    1. All documents executed by the association shall be signed by the president and secretary
    2. For legal proceedings by or against the association the association shall represented by the secretary.
    3. Any amendment to these rules and regulations can be made at a general body meeting called after specifying the amendment to these rules and regulations can be made at a general body meeting called after specifying the amendment in the agenda and only if approved by 2/3 of the members present.
    4. Meetings and other activities of the association shall be conducted only with the knowledge and consent of the patron.
    5. Prior notice shall be given by the members to the executive committee for introducing any other topic of discussion in the general body


The Name of the association shall be Parent – Teachers Association, MIMS College of Nursing, Puthukode, Malappuram
The Office of the association shall be situated at MIMS College of Nursing, Puthukode hereafter referred as College.
Location: MIMS College of Nursing, Vadakkedath paramba, Puthukode (PO), Mallpuram-673633