(i) Dept. of Medical Surgical Nursing

  1. Psycho social experiences of parents of children with Leukemia
  2. Effectiveness of Comprehensive Psycho social training on mental wellbeing and learning outcome of school students
  3. . Knowledge on cervical cancer screening among adolescence
  4. Effectiveness of Graded Motor Imagery (GMI) on upper limb motor function, visuospatial neglect, functional independence, QOL and perceived body image of patients with subacute stroke residing in selected community health setting of Calicut District, Kerala.
    (ii) Dept. of Mental Health (Psychiatric) Nursing

  1. Caregiving burden among female caregivers of patients with schizophrenia
  2. To assess the prevalence and risk factors of social phobia among adolescents and to develop an informational booklet on social phobia and how to overcome it
  3. A comparative study to assess depression among elderly living in residential area and elderly living in old age home
  4. To assess the bullying behaviors among adolescent students, prevalence and risk factors
  5. A qualitative study to explore the experiences of caregivers of patients with schizophrenia
  6. Effectiveness of mnemonics, chunking and mind mapping in enhancing the perceived memory of school kids
  7. To assess the coping strategies of primary caregivers of mentally challenged children. (Informational booklet)
    (iii) Dept. of Obstetrics and Gynecological Nursing

  1. Menstrual disorders and associated stress among nursing students
  2. Effectiveness of self-instructional module regarding knowledge on breast cancer and breast self-examination among adolescent girls
    (iv) Dept. of Community Health Nursing

  1. Physical psychological and social problems of migrant workers
  2. Effectiveness of Raggi Jaggery health drink in reducing prevalence of anemia among B Sc Nursing students
  3. Exploration of Lived experience of individuals with spinal cord injury with impaired bladder emptying and effectiveness of indwelling Vs intermittent bladder catheterization on health related quality of life and related outcomes at selected Panchayats of Malappuram District, Kerala
    (v) Dept. of Child Health Nursing

  1. Stress among mothers of children admitted in neonatal ICU
  2. Mental Health, Emotional Intelligence and self-efficacy of adolescent college students
  3. Assessing the quality of care provided in ICUs
  4. Effect of active self- correction and Home exercise programme on spinal deformity and quality of life in subjects with mild adolescent idiopathic scoliosis
  5. Impact of recurrent throat and ear infections in early childhood on learning and behavioral problems in children
  6. Correlation between dietary pattern, recurrent infections and behavioral problems in children
  7. Effect of grape-seed extract on sinusitis in children
  8. Knowledge, attitude and practice of neonatal care among student nurses
    (vi) Dept. of Foundations of Nursing

  1. Effectiveness of concept mapping on learning outcome of nursing students
  2. Effect of PBL to improve learning outcome in teaching
  3. A Study to assess motivating factors of selecting Nursing Profession among Nursing Students
    Ongoing research studies – students

  1. Effectiveness of steam inhalation on voice quality of patients after endotracheal extubation
  2. Quality of life and lived experience of patients with Lung Cancer
  3. Effectiveness of stretching exercise to reduce muscle cramps in patients with pulmonary edema
  4. Effectiveness of animated video assisted teaching on manual expression of breast milk
  5. Effectiveness of animated video assisted teaching on self-care activities among mildly retarded mentally challenged children
  6. Coping strategies and mechanisms used by parents of mentally challenged children
  7. Effectiveness of therapeutic play and deep breathing exercise on respiratory parameters in children with respiratory disorders
  8. Effectiveness of coached maternal pushing on maternal and neonatal outcome among primi gravid women
  9. Relationship between level of BMI and severity of Dysmenorrhea among adolescent girls
  10. Effectiveness of self-hypnosis on migraine among patients visiting selected headache clinics
  11. Effectiveness of de-escalation techniques for mental health care providers in managing violence of mentally ill
  12. Depressive symptoms among adults consuming psychoactive substances
  13. Stress and anxiety of patients with selected Dermatological disorders
  14. Effect of aerobic exercise on quality of sleep among elderly
  15. Effectiveness of target counseling on prevention of Tuberculosis among patients with diabetes

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