Rural Health Center (RHC) was inaugurated in 2008 at Ellathupurai, Vazhayur, Malappuram district, under the MIMS Charitable trust.


Rural health center was started responding to the felt need for providing health care services to a most backward rural area, Vazhayur Grama Panchayath in Malappuram district. The history dates back to the year 2008 when RHC was inaugurated by honorable Minister for health and Family Welfare Mrs. P.K. Sreemathy teacher.

RHC directs several programs to advance the health, education, and socio economic status of the community. From its inception RHC believes that team work is an essential factor in serving the rural communities. So RHC has a team of Doctors, Nurses, Lab technicians and Pharmacists.


Population: The total population of Vazhayur Grama Panchayath is approximately 35,000. It is a 100% rural area. Most of the inhabitants in the panchayat lives on agriculture and linked occupations. There is a recent trend among young men in the rural areas to migrate to the nearby urban towns and cities to work as laborers or get into alternate professions.


Hospital Services
RHC provide both primary and secondary level health care services to the people of Vazhayur. Outpatient services include general clinic and special clinics for Antenatal, Well baby, Diabetes, and Hypertension clinics. A well-functioning Laboratory and Pharmacy are also part of RHC.

Referral Services
For its referral service RHC is connected to Aster MIMS Hospital which is one of the major tertiary care facilities in Calicut. For any emergency there is 24 hours ambulance facility.


Staffing pattern
Staff Nurse-2
Nursing Assitstant-1

Community posting for M.Sc and B.Sc students:
The B.Sc and M.Sc Nursing students are posted in the RHC during their Community Health Nursing postings.

Inauguration of Rural Health Centre at Karad:

MIMS Rural Health center was shifted from Ellathupurai to Karad on 30/07/2015. The new centre was inaugurated by MIMS Chairman Padmasree Dr. Azad Moopan which was followed by a medical camp. 282 patients attended the camp. The services rendered were totally free of cost. The services were: Medical check-up (General medicine, Gynecology, ENT, Paediatrics), Height and weight measurement and calculation of BMI, Blood sugar and BP checking.