College Library

Library Time
•  08.30 AM - 07.00 PM on all working days.

    Library policy
  • The library time will be from 08:30 AM- 07:00 PM on all days.
  • Undergraduate students will be permitted to borrow one book at a time while post graduate students can borrow 3 books
  • Users are allowed to keep the library books for 3 days only and a fine of Rs .1/- per day will be collected from those students who fail to return books in time
  • Reference books, journals, thesis and question papers will not be issued.
  • Students should handle the library books carefully and should return the books without any damage
  • Any damage to the book issued will be viewed seriously
  • Students should maintain silence inside the library
  • Students can use the library in break times and other allowed times
  • In case of any missing of books, student should replace the books within the prescribed time
  • Student should contact librarian for any matters related to library or books
  • Students should carefully handle the books, furniture, lights and fans inside the library
  • Student should maintain cleanliness inside the library
  • The library committee periodically review the current status of the library.